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I am a butterfly!


NAME:: Jessica
AGE//Birthdate:: 17; April 19
LOCATION:: Pennsylvania, USA. Gotta represent... eee.
STATUS//ORIENTATION:: Single; Straight.

DID ANYONE SEND YOU?? Nope. Found it when I was browsing around for a new community.

What does sexy mean to you? Sexy means being proud of yourself and having confidence, having a positive attitude and being fair towards other people. Even the least attractive people can be sexy if they've got that sort of attitude.

Are you sexy? I certainly believe so! I consider myself to be pretty, I always push to be optimistic and enjoy helping people with their problems. (I plan to get my Ph.D in Psychology, actually.)

TOP 5-10::

BANDS//ARTISTS//SINGERS:: The Killers, Scissor Sisters, KISS, DMB, Jason Mraz, Bone Crusher, Ciara, Cris Carabba.
MOVIES:: The Green Mile, Gothika, Without A Paddle, Troy, Mr. + Mrs. Smith.
BOOKS:: Knight In Shining Armor, Misery, The Shining, The Stand, Wild Orchids, Little Women, Oedipus Rex, Dante's Inferno (the last two are actually plays, but... yeah. I dunno. I likes em.)
ACTORS:: Tim Curry, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Johnny Depp <3
ACTRESSES:: Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Queen Latifa, Rene Zellweger
SONGS:: "Double Dutch Bus," by Frankie Smith, "Never Scared," by Bone Crusher, "Smile Like You Mean It," by the Killers, "I Did It," by DMB, "You And I," by Jason Mraz.
T.V. SHOWS:: Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Date My Mom, Room Raiders, America's Next Top Model.


PRESIDENT BUSH:: I'm not really sure, to be honest. While I agree that terrorism is a huge threat to not only the United States but the entire world and that it needs to be addressed and stamped out immediately, I don't necessarily agree with some of the methods being used.
ABORTIONS:: I think abortions should at least be available in particular cases, not just primarily as an exercise of women's rights (not like we don't have enough - feiminists are just psychotic anyways!). I believe rape victims, teen pregnancy, and cases in which both or either the mother or child are put into mortal danger should be able to consider abortions. But if you've got some hooker pregnant with her 24th kid asking to get it sucked out, I think not. Shouldn't be selling yourself anyway, hoe!
GAY MARRIAGE:: I look at it this way: gay people don't try to oppress straight people (unless you count Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as oppression; and if you do, you should seek a serious mental evaluation) in any way, shape or form, so for what reason are we stifling them? Bible or not, if two people are in love regardless of their gender, let them experience true marriage.
WAR (in IRAQ and in general):: Throughout History wars have been fought on some valid points - Pearl Harbor, 9/11 - while others seemed to have started as gossip or out of sheer boredum. Now I'm not some flower-child hippie, but I'm not an extremist hawk either. If the war is in the name of something that seems reasonable and/or a serious matter (terrorism, as it is now) then I'll support it. If it's purely in the name of blasting a crater into the side of the planet, hell no! But, regardless of whether or not you think a war is right I think that everyone should support the military forces that are actually doing it. Some of them might not even believe in the cause they're fighting for, but they're only doing what they were asked to do and not asked what they felt about it. (I feel this way because I have many family members in the military that have gone to Iraq. My cousin has actually just been sent back a second time.)
DRINKING:: I personally abhor the taste of alcohol, so I don't understand why anyone would want to drink that stuff in the first place. At the same time, most of my family is full of unadmitted alcoholics, so I see the damaging effects of alcohol daily. Ultimately, I think it's a bad choice, but if you're going to do it, be responsible and don't drive.
SMOKING:: Another thing that is common in my family. This I have less tolerance for because it is in no way attractive.
BRITNEY BECOMING A MOTHER:: It's her life, she can do what she wants. I don't see why I should have any opinion over it. But, I will say that though I'm not a Britney Spears fan, I have an ickling that she'll be a good mommy.
RATING COMMUNITIES:: It's an alright idea, but I personally feel that 99.9% of them are entirely too harsh on people. You can have an opinion and you may not like someone, but you still don't know them and making some huge insult over something like their taste in music is pretty shallow on your part.
SUCK UP TO THE MODS::(compliment them)
ROXY:: I only know one other person with such light blonde hair, and since I can't see any roots I'm assuming it's natural. Soo soo pretty hair. <3
KRISTEN:: I love those sunglasses in the community userinfo. Old skool <3.
LAURA:: You have such a cute face! Love that smile.
SOPHIA:: You look soo happy and relaxed in the community userinfo pic!
MAKE UP YOUR OWN QUESTION AND ANSWER IT (one that isn't played out)::
Favorite thing to do?: As geeky as it is, I love to play instruments. Namely, my tuba. Down with stereotypes, bwaa!!

Promotions (anywhere, but only one community promotion site please)... on the banners page
1. huzzah~
2. pynktubachyck
3. muncy_hs_band

THIS OR THAT (and why)::
MARY-KATE//ASHLEY: Mainly because I can't tell them apart, I'ma say both. Especially in the Full House days. So cute.
BLONDE//BRUNETTE: Redhead. xD Gotta have love for us irish peeps.
BEING WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND//BEST FRIEND: Mainly because my best friend is always with her boyfriend, I don't have many other options.
NAKED//FULLY CLOTHED: Naked! Just not in public. Accidents happen that way.
PREPPY//PUNK: Some sort of hybrid. I don't really follow any rules to one specific "style grouping," I shop at Hot Topic and Aeropostale. So sue me.
PARIS//NICOLE: Paris, because despite some of the nastier flare-ups in her career, she's still managed to make it work in her favor. That's some sexiness right thurr.


--> You can't look at their faces and not laugh. Especially the girl on the far left.


A 150x150 for the members page. ** if you don't put one here, you will not be on the members page. End of story. Don't know how?? Just ask.

3-10... at least 4 not photoshopped.

150x150 -->

[ a ]
[ b ]
[ c ]


WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU?? I should be accepted because I love you all and because I have a bajillion banner//icon ideas.

**make us a banner... if you're accepted, you'll get 10 points :D

Banner! Hope ya likes it!

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